You will find detailed explanations of ALL Wager Types and then Stick Strategy to capitalize winnings further down on the page.



Strategies down below wagering types.


The Stick suggests Strategies for your enjoyment and benefit. The Stick cannot guarantee any strategy. You must decide how and if you want to wager. The Stick does not assume any liability for your use of any Strategy.

*Please note, we do NOT encourage you to gamble or wager anywhere or at any time. This guide is for your passive enjoyment and information only.



Different Types of Wagering.

Perhaps you are new to Horse Racing and are not familiar with all the different betting options you have at the Race Track or Simulcast Outlet you are wagering from.

Here are the BASICS of Horse Racing betting options with some simple Strategies for you to maximize your ability to win !

*Stick Guide to: Win, Place, Show Wagering.

When you bet a Horse to WIN, you want that horse to finish first. This is usually the highest amount payoff for that horse.

When you bet a Horse to PLACE, you want that horse to WIN or come in 2nd(PLACE). This is usually the middle amount payoff for that horse.

When you bet a Horse to SHOW, you want that horse to WIN, or come in 2nd(PLACE), or come in 3rd(SHOW). This is usually the lowest amount payoff for that horse.

Amount required for wager:

Most Simulcast Outlets and Race Tracks allow for a $1 wager on either a WIN, Place, or SHOW Bet. However, some Simulcast Outlets require a minimum $2 wager on each bet.

*Stick Guide to: Exacta Wagering

When you bet an EXACTA, you want to select the First Place Finisher(WINNER), and the Second Place Finisher(PLACE) in the exact order of their finish.

The payoff for this wager can fluctuate from a very low payoff of under $10, to a very high payoff in the hundreads or even thousands of dollars depending on the odds of that combination coming in. The odds are determined by the wagering public and which combinations they feel will come in. The more money bet on a combination, the lower its payoff will be.

Amount Required:

Most Simulcasts again require a minimum $2, but some allow for a $1 straight exacta wager. Almost ALL Simulcast Outlets allow for a $1 exacta box wager. A Exacta Box is a wager that covers all combinations of the horses selected.


A 2 Horse Box of #1, and #2, is actually a Straight Exacta Wager on #1-#2, and #2-#1. This wager for a $1 amount will cost $2. If you wagered a $2 box, the wager would cost $4.

Perhaps you wish to cover more combinations. Remember to multiply the TOTAL NUMBER of Horses in your combination BOX with the NEXT HIGHEST NUMBER OF HORSES in you BOX. A 3 Horse combination for $1 would cost $6. You determine this by mulitplying 3x2=6 combinations. A 4 Horse combination for $1 would cost $12. 4x3 is equal to $12.

*Stick Guide to: Quinella Wagering

When you bet a Quinella, you want to select the First Place Finisher(WINNER), and the Second Place Finisher(PLACE)in EITHER position of WINNER and PLACE Position. In other words, a 1-2 finish is equal to a 2-1 finish. Quinella's usually pay half of what the Exacta will pay. However, their payoff can fluctuate and have the ability to pay equal or more then the Exacta. This does not occur often.


The same rules for minimum amount exist for a Quinella. Some Simulcasts will allow a $1 wager, while others will require a $2 wager.


A 2 Horse Box in a Quinella is not neccessary. The Quinella covers both combinations of a 1-2, or 2-1 finish in your selections. However, you may wish to play more horses in a combination Box. A 3 Horse Box in a Quinella is actually only 3 combinations. #1, #2, and #3 in a Quinella Box, is #1 with #2, and #3 in four combinations with only two wagers. #2 and #3 in that same Quinella Box is only one wager. Thus, a Quinella Box for $1 with three horses costs $3. PS-a Quinella Box is always Half the amount of a Exacta Box with the same number of horses !

*Stick Guide to: Daily Double Wagering

When you bet a Daily Double, you want to select the First Place Finisher(WINNER) in two consecutive races.

The payoff for this wager can also range from a low payoff under $10 to a payoff in the hundreads or thousands of dollars depending on how the wagering public distributed its money on the different combinations.


Most Simulcasts require a $2 minimum bet on this wager, although some Race Track simulcasts will allow it for $1.


When you bet a Daily Double, to determine how much your ticket will cost with multiple combinations, simply multiply the number of selections in each race. 3 horses in both races is 3x3=$18 for a $2 wager, or $9 for a $1 wager.

*Stick Guide to: Triple/Trifecta Wagering

When you bet in a Trifecta, you want to select the First Place Finisher(WINNER), and the Second Place Finisher(PLACE), and the Third Place Finisher(SHOW) in the exact order of their finish.

The payoff for this wager can also fluctuate in a wide range. The payoff is rarely under $50, but it can be lower. Usually the Trifecta payoff is in the hundreads of dollars, but can easily payoff in the Thousand and on rare occassions, in the Tens of Thousands. The odds of the Trifecta payoff is also determind by how the wagering public bet on the various combinations.


Most Simulcasts and Race Tracks require a $2 minimum wager on Trifectas. HOWEVER, if you choose to box 3 or more horses, most simulcasts and Race Tracks will allow you to BOX the combinations for a $1 wager.


Betting on a Straight Trifecta is selecting the exact order of finish for the top three finishers. It is $2 to do this on a straight ticket, or on multiple straight tickets. When you BOX a Trifecta, you must multiply the number of horses times each other for THREE places. Thus, a 3 horse box is 3x2x1=$6 for a $1 box, or $12 for a $2 box. A 4 horse box is 4x3x2=$24 for $1, or $48 for $2.

*Stick Guide to: Superfecta Wagering

When you bet a Superfecta, you want to select the top 4 Finishers(WIN, PLACE, SHOW, and Fourth Place)in their exact finish. This is a difficult bet to master as any 4 number grouping of horses have 24 different possible combinations. #1-2-3-4, may come in #4-3-2-1 or any of the 24 possible combinations for just those four horses, and you have to select the correct four and the correct order of finish for the Top 4 from all the horses entered in that race!

The Superfecta is almost always over $100, and can easily pay off in the hundreads and thousands of dollars. It is not an easy bet to select, but we have some interesting Strategies to make it easier for you to win in our Startegy Section below.


Most Race Track and Simulcasts allow for a $1 Straight Superfecta wager, however, some still require $2 for a straight bet. Almost all allow for a $1 BOX.


The same principles of math exist for a Superfecta as for a Trifecta. Multiply the number horses times each other to 4 places, dropping off the highest number of total horses for each of the four positions possible. A 4 horse BOX is 4x3x2x1=$24 for $1, $48 for $2. BE CAREFUL with the number of horses you BOX ! The amounts grow to very large numbers very quickly. a 5 horse BOX is 5x4x3x2=$120 for $1. That is a large investment, and this is a difficult bet to win on a regular basis. Be sure to read our Strategy Section Down Below. We recommend light play on this bet. If you win, great, your way ahead. If you lose, your deep in the hole from one race. See our Strategies for more.

*Stick Guide to: Pick 3/Pick 6 Wagering

When you bet a Pick 3 or Pick 6, you want to select the First Place Finisher(WINNER) in a series of consecutive races. Pick 3 involves picking consecutive WINNERS in 3 races in a row. Pick 6 involves picking consecutive WINNERS in 6 races in a row.

The payoff range for a Pick 3 is usually substantial, but can range from under$10 to well over $100, and can be in the thousands of dollars. If two races in a Pick 3 have longshots, the payoff will almost always be very high.

The payoff for the Pick 6 is more complicated. The Pick 6 is a much harder wager to win. However, the payoff is almost always in the hundreads, and thousands of dollars. The Pick 6 is a wager that has a community pool that will be CARRIED OVER to the next racing day if no one selects the correct 6 winners. This allows for the creation of EXTREMELY Large Payoffs. Most Race Tracks also have a consolation for the Picking 5 out of 6, or the next best # of winners selected out of 6. The consolation is usually a small percentage of the monies wagered on the Pick 6 for that one day.


Most Race Tracks and Simulcasts allow for a $1 wager on a Pick 3, but some will only allow a $2 investment.Almost every Pick 6 is a $2 minimum investment, even with multiple horses.


A Pick 3 or Pick 6 is like a glorified Daily Double. You must select the winner of a series of races. The same rules exist for determining cost for a multiple horse ticket. 2 horses in a Pick 3 is 2x2x2=$16 for a $2 wager, or $8 for a $1 wager. Again be careful not to select too many horses. 2 horses in every race in a Pick 6 HOWEVER is 2x2x2x2x2(x$2)=$128, and that is for only a $2 investment. Pick 6 is open to many Strategies, but again BE CAREFUL ! Do not select three and four horses in every race, or your ticket will cost you more then you could win ! REMEMBER, that winning Pick 6 tickets all share from the common pool, so that if other people win the Pick 6, its price will be much lower then if a single person wins.


The Stick Wagering Strategies Copyright(c)The Stick/Winners Inc.

1. Stick Strategy for: Win, Place, Show Wagering.

When Wagering on these types of bets, always look for horses that offer value. Betting on horses with low odds is usually a safe wager, but in the long run, you will lose more often then win.

At the Tracks The Stick covers, favorites come in First Place(WIN) about %30 of the time. This may fluctuate from meeting to meeting, but can be considered a stable figure. Favorites that finish at least in the top 3 positions(WIN, PLACE and SHOW) tend to do so at a %50 rate. Thus, you may quite often, about %50 of the time select horses that are not the #1 or #2 favorites in the race and cash about half the time. *It should be noted that a recent review of favorites in the money determined that the #1 and #2 choices(THE HORSES WITH THE LOWEST ODDS) together come in the Top Three Positions %70 of the time. Therefore, do not go after all the longshots and over look the favorites.

Look for horses that offer value, between the odds of 5-1 and 10-1 to play across the board.

DO NOT SIMPLY PLAY THEM FOR THE SAKE OF THEIR ODDS ! Play them due to strong reasons, like their STICK SPEED FIGURES indicating they can run a top race. Play them if their Trainer/Jockey combination are in the Top 5. Perhaps the race in question is a Turf race, and some horses have no experience on the Turf. Perhaps the Track is sloppy, and wet, and some horses excel on a wet surface. Look for angles the general public may have missed.

2.Stick Strategy for: Exacta and Quinella Wagering.

When Wagering on a race to select the first two finishers, look for combinations that have value. Most Race Tracks and Simulcast outlets have monitors that allow you to see probable payoffs for Exacta's and Quinella's. Look for a combination of two horses that are both well regarded by their Stick Speed Figures, and by any favorable comments such as, "on his best day, he could run with the top three", or "Horse not running to ability level, but has shown better". Sometimes horses with back class or ability will run a big race and offer a substantial payoff to an Exacta or Quinella.

YOU SHOULD BOX YOUR EXACTA COMBINATIONS ! Wagering on a BOXED Exacta is wagering on all of the possible combinations of your selected horses as the top two finishers. A 2 Horse Box of #1, and #2 would give you a winning wager if the finish of the race you wagered on was a 1-2, or a 2-1.

Quinellas are in either order, so a #1, #2 wager on a Quinella is a winner, without boxing, in either order of 1-2, or 2-1. Remember Quinellas usually pay less then Exacta's. Most Quinella's pay 1/2 of the Exacta price, but can pay more or less then 1/2.

3.Stick Strategy for: Trifecta and Superfecta Wagering.

When wagering on a Trifecta or Superfecta, individual odds of a single horse become less important because of the multiple number of combinations. Two favorites and one longshot can combine to provide a reasonable payoff. One favorite and two longshot can provide a very high payoff depending on where that one favorite finishes in the mix. All favorites will provide a low payoff. All longshots will provide a high payoff.

In a Superfecta, the same principles exist. In fact, two favorites can come in #1, and #2 with two longshots and return a very substantial payoff.

The Stick recommends applying the KEY Principle to Trifectas and Superfectas. Key Horses with Superior STICK FIGURES that are 85 or over. Also, use Horses underneath your top selection with Back Class that have STICK VARIANT NUMBERS that are 75 or over, underneath your Top Selection. STICK FIGURES AND VARIANTS will help you very much. Remember to use at least 2 of the TOP 4 Highest Stick Figures in your Four Selections. This will insure you a fighting chance. Due to the opportunity of selecting a strong favorite, or a horse with low odds to win, is a safe wager. By selecting one average priced horse and two longer priced horese, it will allow you to get more value in these wagers.

Interestingly enough, a KEY of 1 horse to win over 3 horses in a Tri or Super is only $6. Also, selecting one horse over 4 other horses is not that much money either. In a Trifecta, a Single Horse over 4 others will cost $12. The Reason for this is that you have isolated the TOP SPOT with you selected winner. With four horses underneath, two of them can finish out, as long as the other two finish 2nd or 3rd with your selected winner. In a Superfecta, to KEY One Horse over 4 others, the price will be $24. This may seem expensive, but when you see the payoff potential, and you have a strong feeling combined with TOP STICK FIGURES, you will see how reasonable it is. You must KEY the WINNER on TOP. For Example, to KEY the #1 over the #2-#3-#4, say a $1 Tri or Super KEY 1 over 2-3-4. This bet will payoff if your TOP horse wins, and any combination of the lower three come in the next positions. With FOUR Horses underneath, you have even more opportunity, at reasonable investment levels. The STICK FIGURES will help you decide who to use. It is a nice way of avoiding the large amounts required to BOX. Also, it will give you an extra horses in the Trifecta, and Superfecta. Just pick the winner.

*NEW* The Kiyoshi BOX Strategy. Perhaps you have a few extra dollars to spend, and you wish to allow for Many possible scenario's to happen in the race. A very close friend of The Stick, as close as family always had an interesting strategy, and he won with it often.

The Kiyoshi BOX is a Triple Box where you use 5 Horses in Every possible combination. The founder of this strategy always did so for a $1 Triple Box ticket. The price of this strategy is $60. Thus, your triple must WIN, and it must PAY more then $120 to be profitable. After much consultation with Tsuruoka-san, it is obvious you must include the race favorite, but then you are on your own. It is clear that you must select some longer priced horses to get a substantial payoff. However, which way should you do it ? The favorite and 4 longshots ? What about the first 5 favorites ?

Now HOLD ON ! We have always told you, look for REASONS to use those additional perhaps, they are a Fast Fran Sleeper, or a Longshot Joe Special. Perhaps their SVI is a Gold(G) or Diamond(D) or Platinum(P) rating. Perhaps their Stick Figure and Variant are more then 10 points apart, and they are switching back to a favorable surface or distance. Perhaps they were claimed, or the jockey is being changed. Use your Stick Figures and your Stick Selections Sheets to spot those hidden value horses. Best Luck !

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4.Stick Strategy for: Pick Three and Pick Six Wagering

When wagering on a Pick Three or a Pick Six, the object is again to pick a series of winners.

For Pick Three's, the object is to select three straight races. The Stick recommends you again find a key horse. Look for a race that the STICK FIGURES have clearly pointed out a STRONG potential WINNER. Use that race as a stand alone. Then select 2 or 3 horses in each of the other two races to maximize you chances of winning. There will be times when three favorites come in one after the other. However, to get a substantial payoff in the Pick Three, you must find some horses of value(Just as you would for a WIN, PLACE, or SHOW Wager, or for an Exacta). Use your STICK FIGURES as a guide to help you determine which horses could compete on their best days. Read the STICK COMMENTS to determine who has a shot. Remember also, that if a horse is obvious to play, that horses oddss will be very low. The object is to find, and CASH on horses with potential. This is not always going to work out, but when it does, you will have decent payoffs that should more then make up for any short term losses.

For Pick Six's The Stick recommends that you select at least TWO, if not THREE of the highest quality races in the Six races offered. Quality is not always the big stakes races or high money allowance races. There will be times that a $35,000 Claimer just lays over a field and will win for fun. Watch for those KEY races to put as single shots and allow you to play this wager without risking large amounts. Also, if you play 4 or 5 horses in one race, you must limit yourself to playing only 2 in the remaining races or 2 and 3 in the other races left over. It is also wise to play seperate tickets that mix in different horses with your solid selections. This is a hard bet to master. There is almost no one who wins the Pick Six on a regular basis. It is a fun bet, and has the potential to pay off in very large amounts. BE CAREFUL, DO NOT play multiple horses in every race. It makes the ticket too large an investment. The worthwhile value of the Pick Six is its large payoff. Also, if you have a Pick Six and played multiple horses in some of the races, you will also have WINNING Pick Five consolation payoffs. Watch for Superior STICK FIGURES and Horses that are 'running at the proper level', or 'running style suits track and distance.' Key those horses, especially if they offer value.

In California as of at least 1/23/99, a Wager exists call the PLACE PICK ALL. This is a $1 wager at all simulcasts, and offers a unique novelty of selecting One horse in every race for that day on the Southern California Circuit(Hollywood, Del Mar, Santa Anita). The horse can come in EITHER First or Second ! This is a very fun bet, and it does have a potential payoff in the thousands. However, it is extremely hard to win ! The same rules apply to figure out costs, multiply the number of horses in each race times each other. Do Not multiply x$2, since this is a $1 wager. The strategy is simple for this wager. Pick ONE horse in at least half of the Pick All races. Then remember not to go overboard in the other races. Use a Maximum number of 3-4 horses, and HAVE FUN !


REMEMBER TO USE BOTH ELEMENTS OF THE STICK FIGURE. The Expected Performance(The number on the Left in the STICK FIG.)tells you the current 'expected' form. The Measurable Potential Level(the number on the right of the STICK FIG.) reminds you of the horses OVERALL ABILITY. Many times Horses stepping up or not performing well in their last few races, have high MPL's to show you they are able to compete. The STICK FIGURE and VARIANT is your Resource for playing smart and being very well informed. Once you have the STICK FIGURES, you will be playing much smarter then most other people at the simulcasts.



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