The SVI (stick value index) and EPL (expected performance level) and MPL (measured performance level) are explained below in detail.




The Stick Figure and Variant Number.


*-ALSO A NEW FEATURE-STICK SVI(STICK VALUE INDEX)(c)The Stick/Winners Inc.See below for details.*


The STICK SPEED FIGURE(c) M.A.Cohen, is a highly comprehensive number designed to give you an excellent evaluation of the races at any given track. THE STICK SPEED FIGURE has been applied to many different race tracks and has performed EXCEPTIONALLY.

The Stick Speed figure has two components. The first number is the Expected Performance Level OR EPL of the horse. The second number is the horses Measurable Potential Level, OR MPL. Both figures are carefully considered using many factors. These factors include but are not limited to

    A Horses Past Performances.
    The Jockey/Trainer Combination.
    Track Form vs. Horses Running Style
    OTHER Factors (EX.Weather, TRAINER AT TRACK, ETC.)
    The refinement that we have Added is the inclusion of Pace Figures incorporated into our Stick Figures. This helps us when we are faced with Speed horses stretching out, and Horses going from Turf to Dirt or vice versa. We also look closely to see if a horse was able to "steal" a race with soft fractions on the Front End, and conversley if a horse was able to close into a "suicide pace" scenario. We always give an edge to horses who can run "against the grain" and run a strong race doing something the horses in the other races that day could not. We have to keep a special Log Book to keep track of the Pace Bias at the 14-16 different tracks we give out on a daily basis.
    We Cannot give you our FORMULA or our EXCEPTIONAL MODEL. It is very complex and a Company Secret.
    Other systems may claim to offer you true grading, ONLY very few of them and THE STICK(c) can truly help you.

Always Remember, the Figure on the Left, The Expected Performance Level, is the anticipated, or expected out put of that horse for this race with all factors considered(Jockey, Trainer, Course, Distance, Track). The Figure on the Right, the Measurable Potential Level, is that horses measured top performance # for the year, that has either been run, or could potentially be run for that distance, at that track, with that jockey, with that trainer. At the start of a new year, the MPL is the carried over performance from the previous years last 5 starts. Once in the current year, the performance is from the last ten races.

Example Horse Line:

Top P96 PP#4 Roge Rocket *Smith* 97/100 *SBB*

Example Horse Line Broken Down:

Rank SVI PP# Horse Name Jockey EPL/MPL FIGURE HDCP


*NEW* Stick Value Index (SVI)(c)The Stick/Winners Inc. This New additional Figure is a PROJECTION(An Estimation) of what we think will help you determine your horses overall Value Index in a given Race against that Field, and help you weigh your wagers. It takes a little getting used to, but once you know how to use it, you should have an advantage in finding Horses to play with Value. Stick Guest and VIP Customers should ALWAYS have an Advantage when they use our Stick Selections Sheets.

***IMPORTANT NOTE---The SVI is NOT The Stick Figure or Variant #, and is a Separate and *NEW* Additional Feature for your Enjoyment and Use.

(P 85- P 100)
The Highest Value for that Horse racing against that Particular Field Value Example: A Horse with a morning line 5-1 or Higher, who is PROJECTED between 10-1 and 15-1.
(D 80- D 85)
An Extremely High Value Index that offers Superior Projected Value on that Horse. Value Example: A Horse with a morning line 5-1, who is PROJECTED between 7-1 and 10-1.
(G 70- G 80)
A horse that will probably be bet down to his True Value. Value Example: A Horse with a morning line 5-1, who is PROJECTED between 9/2 and 5-1.
(S 60- S 70)
An expected favorite who will be bet below his value due to external factors like top jock/trainer, trouble line last time out. Value Example: A Horse with a morning line 3-1, who is PROJECTED between 7/5 and 5/2.
Black Tar
(BT 0 - BT 60)
A surface switch(due to rain out of turf) or a media darling, that is bet beyond all expectations of his true ability. Value Example: A Horse with a morning line 3-1, who is PROJECTED between 1/9 and 5/2.

Different Situations Using The Stick Speed Figure and Variant #.

Example #1: The Stick Figures are within 5 points of each other. Ex. 85/90, 86-89/90. This means that the horse is running close to a high ability level. He is given a EPL of 85 and a MPL of 90. This means that under ideal conditions with no problems during the race, that this horse WILL PROBABLY run an 85 Figure today. It is possible for the Horse to run better as evidenced by his MPL of 90. At Maximum output, under ideal conditions, this horse CAN run a 90 Figure today.

Example #2: The Stick Figures are 10 points or more apart. Ex. 85/95, 81-84/95 or 85/100, 81-84/100. A 10 point difference between the two figures means the horse is still running close to his form. Perhaps his Jockey or Trainer have not been doing well lately. Perhaps, this horse ran a poor race in his last two or more starts that had trouble lines, or were more the result of a mis cue then the horse actually running poorly. This reflects when we compare the EPL(Left Figure) with the MPL(Right Figure). A MPL that is 15 or more points higher then the EPL(Left Figure), is a cause for concern. It means that this horse is capable of a very strong performance, but has not shown it recently. This horse might wake up today and run back to his old form, or he may not. In any case, the EPL(The number on the Left) is the indicator for TODAY's Race.

Example #3: The EPL and the MPL are the SAME Number. Ex. 80/80. The EPL and MPL can be the same number. When this occurs, the horse is Peaking. He is running at the maximum output of his ability in the last 6 month/1 year period. This horse is showing signs of development and is running his heart out. His last race was one of his best, if not his best. This horse has been working out with bullets, or strong fractional times. His Trainer and/or Jockey are doing well right now. This horse is capable of a new, stronger effort. It should be noted, this horse is also capable of a 'bounce', due to the fact that he gave his all in his last effort. Use the CLUES of the Track. Check this horses odds. If you can, look for this horse on a television monitor to see if he is washed out, or has his ears pricked and is ready for business. Always inspect a horse with the same EPL and MPL carefully. He may beat you, or he may not run at all.

Example#4: You see horses in lower level races with Stick Figures that are Higher then the horses in the Stronger Races. Why is this ? This may be due to many reasons. Remember, The Stick is interested in only Grading the Horses in a given race against EACH OTHER ! Unlike Straight Speed Figures, which give you a universal number, The Stick Speed Figures and Variant Numbers are the product of a complex and detailed Handicapping Procedure to grade the Horses in the Current Race. We apply all Relevant Factors, and come up with a competitve Figure. You can easily see with our FREE DAILY SELECTIONS, that we PICK WINNERS. You will be much more competitive at The Races with our figures. We are Exclusive and we have a Select Client Base. You are welcome to become one of our Registered Subscribers. Drop us a Email today.


Feel free to use our FREE Strategy Guide (CLICK HERE) for some helpful Strategies and explanations of the many betting options available to you at the simulcast or racetrack you visit.

We always look forward to sending you as many Winners as possible ! Be Well, and Best Luck, Marc C, "The Stick"

Exclusive Figures to Subscribers Only !

This PROVEN Formula is being offered to you for your future success at the races. These figures will not be available to the free public. Only paying subscribers will have access to them. We at the Stick feel that our speed figures are an impressive attempt to truly grade horses at their current level.

You be the judge. Our Starter Level will give you the basics for a basic price. The Figures and Variants are our Main Feature. With our Starter Level, you may try us out for nominal fees to get the TOP 3 selections at all race tracks for a week or a longer. Once you have tried our system out, and *WON BIG*, order one of the Higher Level PACKAGES to Make More Money in the long run. To also Offer you MORE STICK BEST BETS, Stick TRUE ODDS, GET FULL COMMENTS, and to INVEST in a PROVEN WINNER.

A choice was made to select the Race Tracks that the majority of people in the country could access via simulcasting. DEMAND WILL CREATE OTHER TRACKS BEING DEVELOPED(Example-The Additional Track FREE Selections). The STICK SPEED FIGURES perform best in races where all the horses have established records.

The staff of THE STICK are Horse Racing *EXPERTS*. We look for factors that most "straight speed figures" do not take into account(*NOTE-SEE STICK FIGURES EXPLAINED). We are concerned with taking extra factors into account to make the Stick Figure as close to current and actual a performance number as possible. Try us for a week and we know you will see the difference and be back for more. Arm Yourself with our Superior Grading System. Your friends and family will be amazed at how you picked all those winners.

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